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Are you tired of real estate training and coaching that teaches you 101 different ways to work your existing sphere of influence? If working your "SOI" was really all it took to be successful, there would not be an 80% drop out rate among new agents. Don't be the statistic, let's get you started with our lead generation system now!

Lead generation takes an investment, and we make that investment for you- Grow beyond your "sphere of influence"

We start our agent our agents on leasing leads and provide at least 100 lease leads per month. This helps new agents:

Gain experience and quickly get transactions under your belt, agents gain confidence working with clients and negotiating contracts.

Generate income in your first month, leases are quick money you earn a living while building a book of business.
Focus on volume! This is what builds your referral network and your bottom line. Renters become buyers, buyers become sellers, and clients at all stages will refer a good agent that has helped them.


Agents progress to buyer's agent.

We train with a focus on converting renters to buyers.
We prepare you with the knowledge to assist your newly expanded sphere of influence in the purchase of their first home.
We provide buyer leads and marketing opportunities for further lead generation once agents successfully master the lease training.

Our agents enjoy competitive splits and NO FEES! Agents are provided with a CRM system, company branded email, and full MS office suite of tools. We provide one on one support to our agents with no mentorship or coaching fees.

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If you would like to learn more about joining Texra please email Jessica Mckiney at